3 simple tips for styling a summer fruit platter

I don’t know about you, but warmer months scream fruit to me! It’s the perfect snack whether you’re hanging poolside or beachside, camping or lounging at home. I mean, is there anything better than biting into a cold, juicy slice of sweet pineapple? This summer I’m elevating my fruit game by creating (and consuming) all the fruit platters! There is so much you can do to make your fruit platter stand out and wow your friends, and I’m going to share 3 super simple tips that will help you do just that!

Unique cuts! If you pay attention to fruit and cheese platters then I’m sure you’ve seen this gorgeous star cut (pictured above) used to cut pieces of fruit in half, leaving behind a unique design. I’ve always done this cut “by hand” by taking a pairing knife and cutting triangles in a line right through the middle of my fruit. This method works well enough on smaller fruit, but it’s tough to make a perfect cut and I knew it wouldn’t be very effecient for larger fruits like watermelon or honeydew. Luckily for me, and you, I found a handy little gadget on Amazon! The dual purpose melon baller and carving knife is such an easy to use tool. The blade was surprisingly sharp and cut through a watermelon, honeydew and cantaloupe with ease! It also has a melon baller on the other end which I used to scoop out some cute melon balls after cutting my fruit in half! It took all of 2 minutes to cut and ball an entire melon and I loved how it turned out! If you want to try this tool for yourself you can find it through my Amazon affiliate link.

The second tip for creating a gorgeous fruit platter that will have your guests coming back for more is garnish! Don’t be afraid to add your own fun twist by garnishing, it can really take a drab board to a new level of sophistication. On this board I kept it simple with some sage in the corners and chamomile flowers sprinkled throughout. I love adding that extra touch with some fresh greenery and flowers.

Lastly, color! For me summertime is all about bright colors and my fruit boards are no exception to that rule! I chose to spread the color all around by mixing melon balls and putting them in different melon bowls. I like to use as many different color fruits as possible. The more colorful, the more it will catch your attention!

Do you plan on creating your own fruit platter this summer? If you do make sure to tag @whimsycharcuterie so I can admire your beautiful creations with you!

My name’s Kelsey, I’m a Registered Nurse turned charcuterie enthusiast! Whimsy Charcuterie is my happy place where my creativity and love for food meet and become something really special that I get to share with you. Want to see more of what I’m up to? Follow me at @WhimsyCharcuterie on all social media platforms. Happy snacking!

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